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MVP Eclipse Glow Proton Ion Putt/Approach Stable Speed 3 Putter

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 MVP  Eclipse Glow Proton Ion   3   4   0   1  - The Ion's defining flight characteristic is its straight stable flight with a late subtle fade. For both high and lower power throwers, the Ion will hold a dependably straight line with a subtle fade. The Ion's added stability over the Anode allows players to have added confidence with adding more power to their throw. When there is a bit too much wind for the Anode, or you want to add some power to your approach shot, the Ion is the perfect alternative.

Proton plastic is produced with some of the most durable plastics in the industry to withstand some of the roughest conditions. It has immense abrasion resistance from impact and as a result very slow wear, giving it a very long life. It is produced with bright, vivid transparent colors. A key aspect as to why proton plastic has such great clarity and durability is because the central core is not contaminated with any weighting agents unlike most conventional golf discs. The weight products are placed in the outer ring to enhance MVP's GYRO™ Technology and maintain polymer purity in the central core so that the beautiful colors are always vivid and clear. It is available in Soft flexibility for putters.

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