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Innova Echo Star Tern Distance Driver

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Innova Echo Star  Tern -   12   6   -3   2  - Like the name, this disc has natural turn. Similar to the Archon, the Tern is a fast slightly understable disc that is designed for long shot shaping throws. In the hands of a powerful player, it just may be one of the farthest flying discs due to the long glide and natural turn. The Champion Tern flight numbers reflect a more stable flight 

Innova Echo Star Discs are made from discs that were once destined for the landfill. In an effort to minimize waste, Innova created a product with great characteristics that is also environmentally friendly. Echo Star plastic has shown that reprocessed plastic can be blended into high performance discs that players want. Made up of a blend of high-tech recycled plastic with a minimum of 50% pre-consumer waste, each Echo Star disc has nearly the same durability as premium plastics with a superior grip. No other disc manufacturer has been able to match this, let alone create an entire line of high-tech recycled discs.

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