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Discraft TI Paul McBeth First Run Undertaker Speed 9 Overstable Distance Driver The Beast

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TI Undertaker 9  5 -1  2  1.4  Most players have one versatile driver they reach for most often, and Undertaker is the new choice. This straight flier fills many needs for many different skill levels: it doesn't get flippy for power throwers, isn't hard to control for low-power players. Great glide, smooth finish, nice grip, big wins.

Discraft Titanium is a newer plastic blend, released in 2012, and an instant hit. Providing top style points while being super-durable and retaining good grip, Discraft continues to release their most popular molds in "Ti", including some Tournament fundraiser discs. Player's have said they find the same disc models to be slightly more stable in the Ti plastic

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