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Darker Blue
Darker Blue

Discmania Color Glow P-Line P2 Putt/Approach Putter Imperial Eagle II Speed 2 Stable disc

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Discmania Color Glow P-Line P2 - Imperial Eagle II -    2   3   0   1  - The P2 is significantly more stable than its older brother the P1. Targeted especially for pro-players the P2 works great for wrist-putts and fade-in shots inside and outside the circle. Due to it’s stability the P2 works great for approaches and can even tackle strong headwinds. It is also a very consistent driving putter

Great feel and added glide. Easily one of the grippiest plastic type out there. Reveals new features in your disc when worn down. Typically a bit more understable plastic type comparing to S- and C-line. Please note: P-line putters (P1 & P2) have their own blend of P-line plastic. The P-line P1 is features a soft & grippy blend of plastic, while the P-line P2 comes with very firm plastic blend that many Pro players prefer for their putters. Add glow and play day and night!!

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